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health nutrition fitness
What are your best health tips? Anything on diet, fitness, nutrition, disease prevention, etc?

Well, the first thing is eating a well balanced diet. Then you need to start to motivate yourself into some sort of physical activity… Walking is a good start, swimming is an outstanding physical activity. With the well balanced diet, and the physical activity, you will see an improvement in the way you feel. I really implore anyone who wants to lose weight, or make an improvement in your well being to shy away from any type of Carb depleting diet. Such as the adkins.. What these do is where you may lose weight, you are doing more harm than good. In order to do it properly, you have to include the entire spectrum of a balanced diet. when you slack on carbs during a physical training program you aren’t providing your mucsles the fuel to rebuild. Be more concerned about inches lost, not pounds, as fat weighs less than mucscle. Regarding disease prevention, the above will help, but won’t totally put it out of the realm of possibility. People who have cancer, which we all have cancer cells, don’t have the needed ingrediant that keeps the cancer at bay. That was explained to me by my mothers chemotheropist. As my mother didn’t smoke, nor did she drink. And she ate a well balanced diet. So…