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Which class would help me lose weight the most?

Okay so this semester I am taking this Kinesiology class and I want to know which class would help me lose weight the most and quicker. Please Help!!!

This are the Classes List. Please tell me which will help me more

1.Fitness Walking
2.Weight Training & Conditioning
3.Aerobic Dance I
4.Introduction to Kinesiology
5.Personal Health & Wellness

3. Aerobic Dance I.

The Dance should build your core muscles and legs.. the Aerobic will burn calories which will result in weight loss. You want both muscle tone and calorie restriction/burning at the same time for proper weight loss.

Coming in second would be 2. Weight Training & Conditioning. This would be great to increase your muscle mass, muscle to fat ratio, strength, and overall metabolism. However you won’t be doing ‘aerobic’ activities to actively burn fat — So again, I have to recommend the Aerobic Dance I.

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