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health fitness weight loss
Weight loss and fitness tips?

So basically, between late 2009 and now I have a lot of weight! I used to have sexy size 10 (UK), the hourglass figure that so many people loved and envied, but never enjoy it and its 🙁 far gone. Anyway I put on three stones (42 pounds) and went up three dress sizes, I am nothing huge obviously in shape and I am reduced to wearing elastic and hatred I feel I am constantly living in a few clothes, my health is suffering too I used to be such good shape and now I am out of breath walking up the stairs. Weight was won when he about to leave the university. I really really want to lose weight, but I am desperate because they know where to start with changing my members the diet, I have to do and I intend to join the gym next week .. Also my intake of junk food and alcohol has risen sharply. Thus the ideas of breakfast, lunch and dinner? I want to be the 9th (as I was a few years ago)

It is best to get good information, like Google or or t max, or 80 diet weight loss%, 10% is weight training and cardio is 10%. For lunch you want to eat 5-6 small meals to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours. Each meal must have a source of lean protein, slow to digest certain carbohydrates from whole grains meals'm. h meals have vegetables green. Also get healthy fats.