Health Fitness Program

health fitness program
What the heck is Michelle talking about, in a speech yesterday she said her fitness program is not about the?

way one looks, weight or any physical thing? Then what pray tell is it all about Alfie? What I read between the lines is that her program is designed to compliment her husbands health plan he is pushing and she does not want to upset her husbands vote base consisting of many fat ugly women. They are more easily upset than their men counterparts. Many of them are also committed to chowing down at the government expense. They no longer are embarrassed at the checkout as they did away with stamp books and now use a state issued debit card.

I couldn’t care any less about what this woman picks to occupy her time while she occupies the building that presidents use to occupy. However, I do find it amusing that she had determined that “National Defense” and “National Security” depends on HER efforts against Obesity. FOlks, I ain’t no genius like the likes of this Dis-Barred Illinois Lawyer, But I think I could figure a way to get overweight folks into the military should the need for “National Defense” arise. But there are still the FLAVOR AIDE drinking folks who will applaud and DEFEND every ignorant thing this couple spew forth….57 States????? Maybe in ASIA…….