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health fitness exercise
Any suggestions on the best low-cost (cheap) sports, health, fitness, franchise of the year.?

Any suggestions on the best low cost (cheap) sports, health, fitness, exercise of the franchise.? I'm on a budget. I want easy to start a business make extra money to supplement my income. Forget Jazzercise is old and too expensive. Suggestions?

My girlfriend just started a program of the uterus and makes it Dancercise money. It is a simple, inexpensive, easy to combine dance moves belly changed the music and exercise. The whole concept is fantastic. In addition, Belly-Dancercise is not a franchise – Better than that, because she does not owe royalties or fees. She teaches Belly-Dancercise at home and the gym is to add and its program. Another interesting thing is that we want to take a cruise and you're looking in the curriculum on the boat. I think the professional package is less than $ 200 (individual). You can find here: or belly dancing in college: to related sites.