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I'll start a vegetarian lifestyle this weekend to improve my health and fitness.?

I recently learned that many forms of cancer and other diseases may disappear by removing much of what I was accustomed to eating all my life. Now I am the only father that my only son, I want to stay alive as long as possible. I also have a family history of pancreatic cancer. I hope this change allows me to achieve well-being and longevity. All thoughts, ideas and suggestions from persons "in the know" that long been vgetarians time? Thank you.

Good for you !!!!! : D I suggest you hit your local Barnes and Noble … There are good books for many as there are to help develop a balanced and healthy vegetarian diet, in the extreme. My main suggestion is to limit the number of plant foods that are treated here – meat imitations are sometimes very often, but many of them is certainly not good for you. Continue with as much food as possible. 🙂