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Can you recommend a great first cruise?

I am looking for a good first cruise in the Caribbean. It is likely that, in late March or early April. Search a boat with good swimming, good spa, fitness / health club. We are in our early 30's. I still partying. Not exactly the thing the casino, but we like a good sample and actors. We like more active things to do and enjoy excursions interesting. Looking to 6 or 7 nights. Any ideas? I searched and kayak but it is difficult to say exactly what the pictures are good lines of cruise.

I took 7-day cruise in the Caribbean with Norwegian Cruise Line in December. I recommend for a beginner. It is relaxed, the staff are friendly, happy, and respond quickly to requests, there is a wide range of activities, children have a separate pool area, you eat when you want and choose the main dining room, buffet meals or fast food type. There are several specialty restaurants that you pay a small fee to eat less, not even tested because we were happy with our other options. After eating all that you feel like it's a good thing for everyone. While in port, we talked to some ladies on another cruise. They hated having to eat at a certain time and designated seats. On the evening of the sample ranged from Cajun music and acrobats from Cirque de Soleil a talented staff of Second City comedians. The spectacle of talents of the staff was fantastic. They shared songs and cultural dances of his native also showed his talent with modern dance, songs and instrumentals. It was the state of American Idol, as when they are reduced to 10. Oh yeah. He was the 50th anniversary of the second city ​​and the captain had a birthday party for them. If you have a stop in Belize City, take the float Cave tour. This is one of the few Cruise lines that scale in Guatemala. Our guide was exceptional and were trained by the guy at the head of the archaeological dig. The only complaints I heard was a woman who felt like the bingo cards were too expensive. For the year, in addition to gym equipment regular, who had two or three pools, one where you swim against the current. Brokers are advised to take a specific bridge speed of operation and walkers had a different level. No climbing walls and ice rinks. As is tradition on cruise ships, there is a formal dress night the main dining room. You can glam, show off their bling, or go to a dining options tonight. I completed a simple dress and felt to ease in the crowd. The boat we took was the Norwegian Spirit. It is one of the oldest fleet. The only problem we see with age was a day of some of our bathing suits were very worn and threadbare. He asked to be replaced and it was done in 10 minutes. They have a new ship was right on board. I would definitely update equipment and sports services.