Health And Fitness Slogans

I need a slogan / help to my diet and promotional brochure Fitness (one mission of the school)?

I doing a job for health in four task skool …. Computer use, design and produce a promotional brochure advertising a aspect of healthy living. For example, feeding Disease Fitness The prospectus should include a slogan and at least 5 facts about the selected topic. (Blahblahblah after them) so it is necessary to within 2 of it (I'm in pamphlet form) and thought I could write chocolate lykke sumfin that makes you happy … Buhh is a sumtyme No food will last 4 lykke can relieve the stress of playing sports n Happiness can make you not want lykke Iuno 2 Mybe slogan on a diet n gym n they can bring happiness n also sum Yooh No ideas on fitness center Food What to do in two i was Bakk tinking i culd make a list of different clubs and sports teams and write lykke lykke various consultants bout uhh wateva lykke lykkk or Jennie Craig lite nn plz help easy =]

the slogan may be made or diet. Here are some facts you can put a creative way, perhaps using a scheme Cake. for a viable regime here is what my dietician suggests. dieting practice. start your meal with a soup or a big salad. that's u up. Of course your plate has this ratio – 50 percent vegetables, 25 percent of carb.remember potatoes, corn and peas are in the category of carbohydrates, 25 percent protein.this desires too.have avoid a protein shake if you want an occasional treat is OK a snack all three hours. ideal fruit or nuts soy, berries. just 2 tablespoons soy reduces the pain of hunger. switch from white rice and bread to brown. Eat vegetables 900gms day.Lose one kilo per week. loss is permanent. choose an exercise regime you like. get a pedometer and try to 10,000 steps per day.