Health And Fitness Questions

health and fitness questions
Health and fitness questions…?

I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. I’m trying my very best at staying and maintaining my health. What is a good diet for me? I want to stay away from red meats. And I want to eat more green leaf vegetables. Any good recipes out there?

be a minimalist for your own good!

do all things in moderation, especially red meats. your body does need some of the iron that red meat has to offer, so do not steer completely away from it, just make sure what you eat is lean. pork is now considered a healthy meat as well as the good old standby – chicken

as for recipes, use a good assortment of seasonings and herbs you like, cook until you can eat it easily (or for some foods, raw is best) and never over eat… keep exercising regularly and you will do fine