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Gym …?

Throughout high school, was known as the "skinny kid". Some of my friends still make fun of me for that … only as a joke. They know I'm not hurt by it. The truth of the matter is … I am thin. I want to look better now that I am my 20. I'm still thin … but then I was raised in the secondary. Not having a home gym, and really I little time to go to a gym public. I have a friend who has access to weights and that's it. Can anyone direct me to either a site or tell me a kind of training in health and fitness of those who know that does not involve home gyms? I am not the "magic pills muscle" either. I want build muscle naturally.

What you want is some body weight exercises. I know of three books. The first is the warrior naked Pavel Tsatsouline The second is the so-called bullet-proof ABS by Pavel Tsatsouline The third is Matt Furey combat conditioning note: you can download LimeWire.