Health And Fitness Holidays

health and fitness holidays
health and fitness question?

Hey there. Well im 14 and IM pretty fit and healthy, just wondering, I am now on a 7 week holiday and was wondering if I ran every second day about 1.5 k at a slightly faster then jogging pace. Ater the 7 weeks is over. which is about 24 days I ran, would my stamina improve noticably?

Another thing. I have an exercise bar ontop of my door and i often do chin ups and pull ups. Just randomaly through the day when I pass by. When I was in the bathroom I noticed my body, the upper body was a little bit more wider then the lower body. It slightly curved and was wondering if this was normal or have I made it out of proportian?

Its not majpr, just a little bit.

thanks guys.

You need to run for at least 15 to 20 minutes to improve your cardiovascular condition.
Do weight exercises 3 times each week, not daily.
You must have recovery or rest days to improve your muscle size and strength.
You get stronger during recovery, not during the exercise.