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Does female beauty exist or is it just a cultural (non-biological) concept?

In every other species and even our species in the past, male beauty is considered more important in “mate selection”than female beauty (the female selects her mate based on his “fitness” i.e. the strongest, healthiest & most good looking male (he would have the best genes).

from charles darwin’s book “the origin of species”:
“males compete among themselves to attract females, showing off their antlers, bright plumage or other ornaments that signal good health. Females watch the display….When a male meets a female’s approval, she grants him permission to impregnate her. ”

…the males are the ones that are pressed into developing ornamental features over many generations by an evolutionary process known as sexual selection. e.g. In humans, the taller stature of the male, is a result of female preference ”

So my question is why is this this reversed in our present culture? Why do women display (sexy clothes, high heels, makeup, jewelry) and compete to attract men?

Your first sentence is incorrect. Many organisms, especially invertebrates, have males selecting females and even bringing them nuptial gifts. Your quote from Darwin could be considered ” quote mining “, as he did not apply male beauty traits to human sexual selection.
I could go into it in depth, but it is obvious you have some sort of ideological agenda and are not capable of the nuance required in sexual selection theory.
Human sexual selection rather cuts both ways, but this does not preclude the female symmetry requirement. ” Red Queen ” selection is certainly going on in humans.
I suggest you try to take an undergraduate class in evolution so you do not look so foolish next time.
High Tide has a very coherent answer and so does Thing 55001.