Health And Fitness Degrees

health and fitness degrees
What would be a better career, Physical Therapist Assistant, or Personal Trainer?

I am a 22 year old male, and I recently decided I want (and need) a good career. I am very interested in Fitness and health. I have an Asssociates degree in Gen Eds, which isn’t helping my job situation out at all.

If anyone has suggestions, or ideas in either of these fields, pros and cons, or which one may be better as far as enjoying, and earnings, please respond with some advice and suggestions. Thanks in advance!

Many PT and PTA work as both a therapist and a trainer. There are pros and cons to both. PTA require an associates degree. A trainer requires just some certificate. PTAs get benifits and work reqular hours. trainers work when people want them to and there are no benifits. Some trainers charge big bucks. I work with a PTA who is a PFT. She startered her own training business in the evenings and it is beginning to take off. She advertises that she is a PTA as well.

Best wishes