Health And Fitness Classes

health and fitness classes
My son’s gym class is causing him to overtrain, resulting in him being totally burnt out when he comes home?

He’s 14 and in grade 9, his new semester includes regular GYM class, and he also has Fitness&Health class. Right now in gym class they’re doing wrestling, in Fitness&Health they are doing long distance running and Sprinting. When he’s home from school he is completely exhausted, worn out, and says his back and shoulders are real stiff and sore. He’s going through a growth spurt right now, so his legs often feel strained too, I don’t know how tall he’s going to be or how long it will go on for since he doesn’t have my genetics (he was adopted about 5 months ago)

He just started school 2 weeks ago, I would have thought they might have spaced out his classes per term so he wouldn’t have so much physical activity at once; But its too late to switch now. What would be the best thing I can be doing to relieve stress and prevent him from being in so much pain after he’s finished school for the day?(certain things he should be eating, massages, etc?)

I don’t think it is the athletic stuff that is burning him out. Using up emotional energy is much more tiring.

(1) he was adopted five months ago
(2) he started a school 2 weeks ago
(3) he’s still getting used to having you (good but still emotional).

Don’t change his schedule. He will get used to it, also exercise can help emotionally.

I would suggest you encourage a good sleep pattern and routine, make sure he eats regularly, enjoys hot relaxing baths or showers. I would say the most important thing is that you establish a good solid routine in the house, always eat/sleep etc at the same times.