Health And Fitness Articles 2009

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By So if you eat these foods and maintain a healthy diet, can I have a flat stomach? Thank you for the answers. I'm not fat. Try to eat more healthily.

In fact, the health information in this article is terrible to be honest. I'll paste the first meal and criticize and comment on the basis of my knowledge. 2 rice cakes <- waste processed carbohydrates and sugar. Little or no fat quality in it. Humans have unchanged from the processing of rice cakes. 2 tablespoons slivered almonds <butter – almond butter is great! strongly recommended. 1 cup orange juice, sugar <—- kill. store orange juice has little or no nutritional value, as it has been pasteurized and pure sugar, pure and simple. In addition to protein shakes or raw milk, whole and entire, that water should be consumed. Do not drink calories! 1 cup milk or fortified soy milk <— Soy is trash. It is a healthy food. Heck, not even food. They use hexane (if you do not know what it is, I suggest you look ..) to retrieve soybeans .. is fatal to humans and the environment. 1 banana <- bananas are very good after a workout, make sure they are organic. 1 cup yogurt or soy yogurt <- * sigh * soy yogurt is highly processed and yet, not a health food. Eating fat yogurt organic raw. He is using pre-biotic with digestive health. Make sure it is sugar free and contains no fruit. If you have a sweet taste, add a little stevia in it. 1 egg salad pita <wrap – wraps are not as healthy. It Just eat the eggs herself, and replace the wrap a sweet potato bread. Pita bread, whole wheat bread is highly processed, try sweet potatoes or products with low glycemic index, such as organic brown rice and flax. 1 <cup baby spinach – spinach rocks! make sure it is organic. Have a little olive oil (extra virgin cold pressed is the only good) 1 hard boiled egg, sliced <- eggs are good, make sure they are easy with runny yolks. Do not worry about the cholesterol in eggs, cholesterol food is not have to pepper ½ cup red blood cholesterol, sliced <- red peppers are fine, but better cruciferous vegetables (cabbage cabbage kale, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli) ½ cup mushrooms, sliced <- mushrooms are fine, make sure they are organic. 10 carrots carrot <— Baby are rubbish, they are sprayed with orange dye to make them appear new. 1 <cup of milk or soy milk — again once, not sure it is pasteurized soy.Drink milk.Make. And if you're lactose intolerant, lactase enzyme milk.The drinking raw milk will ensure that lactose is broken down properly due to the absorption of calcium phosphatase in the stomach.