Green Card Through Marriage Divorce

green card through marriage divorce
Marriage and the Green Card?

An American women married someone from another country and that person(husband) was able to get a green card through the marriage ( they have been married for one year and four months) and the husband turns out to be a lying sonofa#%#!%, she wants a divorce, will he still be able to stay in the USA (she is hoping not)?

I think that will create too much drama and it’s not worth it. I got my permanent resident card through my marriage but i wasn’t lying i just love my husband, but i don’t think you can do anything about it. She has to prove he lied. The guy will have a lawyer and if your friend can’t prove he lied to her just to get the green card he will stay here. In 2 years he will have his permanent resident card, the divorce takes 6 months…you better go and call them. Maybe this link will be helpful.