Go Life And Death Problems

i am 5’8, 115lbs and my measurements are 34, 27, 34, but i’m a guy, what should i do?

i know i’m a small guy and i don’t know what to do about it, i’ve been told i have a girlie body (minus the obvious) and i agree, i even have man boobs (which considering i am only 115lbs is quite strange) one of my girlfriends even worked out i am a B cup (don’t worry i don’t wear a bra). when i talk to my friends (mostly girls) they tell me i shouldn’t moan about having a ‘great’ body, but i am beginning to think there is something odd going on considering i am 21, a hormone imbalance maybe? i’m too embarrassed to go to a doctor and as it isn’t a massive life or death problem i don’t want to go. also if it was a hormone imbalance would i become straight? because that would be really unfair to my lovely boyfriend. what should i do about having a feminine figure if anything? it doesn’t really bother me, and despite being gay i prefer the female form, i guess i just want to know if any of you know why my body is like this

You’s a brick house!!! LOL

Work out, work out, work out, carbs, work out