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get divorce
can i get a divorce in west virginia if i got married there but reside in pa?

i currently live in PA but i was wondering if i could get a divorce in west virginia if i got married there? or do i have to live there to get a divorce there.. even though i got married there. or do i have to get a divorce in the state that i currently live in.. i did live in west virginia my entire life, was born and raised there and was forced to move to PA with my husband… please help and thank you i greatly appreciate it.

YES, you sure CAN! My ex & I lived in So. Jersey, got married in MD, he moved to MA & got the divorce in MA. I was divorced for 6 yrs. & never even knew it! He knew darn well how to have me “served”, but chose to advertise in the newspaper for 30 days knowing full well I never got the newspaper. So of course I didn’t respond to his ad. He got it on “Irreconcilable Differences” & “Breakdown of Marriage”. On a whim my girlfriend told me to call the local court house where I “tho’t” he was living. Sure enuf I was told I had been divorced 6 yrs. prior! I asked for the price of the “raised seal” copy, sent a ck. along with a self addressed envelope & received it in the mail quickly. A “raised seal” is an “original copy” for your FYI. So with that all said, YES, you can do the SAME THING…good luck…:)