Gay Marriage Divorce Statistics

gay marriage divorce statistics
What is the Sanctity of Marriage that conservatives are trying to protect?

Statistics show that nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce (google it). Conservatives most famous argument against gay marriage is that they must protect the sanctity of marriage, homosexuality threatens marriage and families…so if half of those who make lifelong commitments to each other in front of God or a judge are lying their butts off, how is marriage so sanctimonious that it is worth denying people who are in love from getting married simply because it’s not traditional?

Its a fight over who gets to define the word marriage. For many people marriage is a religious institution. It represents the blessing of God over the union of two people. By allowing it to be used to endorse and sanctify the union of homosexuals, whom they believe to be sinful, it corrupts a holy institution. But for others, marriage is simply a legal designation ordained by the courts to recognize that two people are now forming one family. For both groups, the separation of church and state is the rationale for their objections. Logically, if marriage is a religious matter then any church could define it any way they liked and the US government would have no right to impose on it in any way. But if it is a purely civil designation then no church has a right to impose its definition on the rest of the people. The basic fight is not about the sanctity of marriage. It is just people whining over a word. The Gay Marriage advocates are just as whiny as the religious purists. If they were content to accept civil unions rather than the word marriage no one would bother with it. Does using the word marriage really make it more special a commitment than civil union? Its just a word both sides could lighten up on this fight.