Gaston From Beauty And The Beast

gaston from beauty and the beast
What would be a good aria or song for a Baritone to sing to pass an IB high school music requirement?

I have a good baritone voice, performed Gaston in the high school production of Beauty & the Beast, but need to learn and tape myself singing a song to get a good mark on the International Baccalaureate Secondary School exam. What piece should I do? Toreador from Carmen?If I Can’t Love Her (Beast in Beauty & the Beast) Ave Maria? O Holy Night? Some other option? (Please advise) Should be something challenging but recognizable internationally

woah. were in the SAME EXACT stiuation. woah crazy. anyways, well i chose mine and i chose “somewhere over the rainbow”, but the tony bennet version. thats my jazz peice. my classical peice is “Frostiana”, you know the poem by Robert Frost, and my foreign language peice is “Cielito Lindo”

it was REALLY hard finding the sheet music i want, but i had the original pieces and, with the help of my accompianist, i altered the songs to fit my voice.