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How can I lose weight quickly, while a colonial lifestyle?

He had three son in a row and put on bed rest for them all. I know how to eat healthily. But we have to lose about 40 pounds. My lifestyle is to maintain physical fitness and health, but will not help me lose weight fast, and I have a wedding and my 5 anivercery year old son two months. I know that wouldnt be healthy to lose all so quickly, but I'll take what I can get. Does anyone know of a way I could lose weight quickly at first, then slow down gradually, so my body is not in starvation mode and keep eating all the calories. My new eating style fasion very old milk cow of the family, friut and vegetables the garden, chicken and eggs to run freely. And find a wood stove, so it will cut wood too. All work that is involved in food to maintain weight, but I'm losing weight now not in two years that would otherwise take.

* Drink plenty of water. No, not drink, eat. Not only is it very good and eliminate toxins from your system, but if you just drink some fools your brain into believing it not hungry. * Do not eat when hungry, because if you do, you tend to overeat (the brain takes 20 minutes to realize it is full so if you eat until full you will regret later) have a somewhat tight schedule for dinner – why not use his routine at school and moments where you break and lunch and stuff. * Drink herbal tea. Actresses Eva Longoria as much as drinking fools the brain into believing that you are full (and is more effective than water) and therefore does not need to eat as much. * Walk instead of driving. If you can not walk, cycle. If you can not complete a cycle, keep moving your feet in the car. * Get up to 10 minutes early every day, in the CD and dance like a goat total is the best time of day to exercise and your metabolism going faster. * Have a good breakfast every morning but you'll also get your metabolism going faster. * If you are a cool / addict chips and confuse the brain with an apple. The net makess your brain thinks you eat chips / fries. * Try chocolate for diabetics – No added sugar and fat and stuff in. * satisfy your chocolate cravings by eating sweet fruit – this type of sugar is good for you in moderation. Hope this helps and good luck with weight loss, but do not go crazy xo PS I do not really know what metabolism but I know is good if it is fairly fast / high.