From Life To Death

Are Ghosts simply energy from life or death that occurred?

Two major theories exist that Ghosts are actually either the spirit, or the soul of a deceased. However many ghosts described are reported to have objects and props included in the sight, which to me would more along the lines point to the event being energy that is occurring in or around the site… or perhaps even far from the site? of a death… perhaps severely anguished and painful, devilsome event that produced energy to only occur for moments to an observer… and hense only para-observable as the witness looks directly at, or experiences an emotional fright or sensation about the ghost, it vanishes.

The suggestion that ghosts are “energy” is a theory put forth by the ghost enthusiast’s, where they come up with this stuff I have no idea.

Ghosts are not the “energy” of anything, what minimul amount of “energy” we have in our bodies ceases at the time of death.

The electrical impulses in our bodies stop at the time of death, this “energy” doesn’t go anywhere.

Then the believers will say, well “energy cannot be destroyed” so this “energy” has to go somewhere, they are mistakenly taking the laws of thermodynamics out of context and applying it to “ghosts”, the laws of thermodynamics have nothing to do with ghosts.

Science has pretty much explained what is the root cause of “ghostly experiences” and that is em fields and their direct effects on the brain.

Ghosts are not the “spirit”, “soul” or “energy” of the dearly departed.