Free Marriage Divorce Records

free marriage divorce records
Is there any way to find marriage/divorce records online for free?

I’ve gone to all the county websites I’ve lived in and no one will give me my info without charging me! I paid once online and they gave me the wrong info! On top of that they said it was a one time fee of $1.99. Then they bill my card for $24.99 monthly! So much for free www info! I’m tired of looking! Any help would be great!

Marriage & divorce records are public records. IF you know the COUNTY in the state of the marriage or divorce, simply call that COUNTY court house & ask for divorce or marriage records. They WILL tell you over the phone. I got my divorce papers w/the “raised seal” in this manner. They cost me $10, I mailed a ck., they sent me the divorce decree w/the raised seal. Very easily done. BTW, I’d “dispute” that credit card charge & have it removed!!!…Best to you…:)