Fitness Health Weight Loss

fitness health weight loss
A couple of quesions / health gym (:?

Is it better to work day or night? That certain diets or dietary patterns? The best things to do to guarantee a certain weight loss? And how long until they lose pounds — this activity?

This is not necessarily a better time for exercise during the day, more depends on your personal cycle. If you have more energy in the morning, then turn. If it takes a while to get the cobwebs after waking up, then do not rush not until you are more awake. Many people find they do better in the morning, I personally always been much better if I wait a little later in the day. A healthy diet are more or less what I think it would be. Vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, less processed foods, less empty carbs (grains too of any kind can be bad, but stick to whole grains for they eat). Keep heavy meals early in the day, eating every 3 hours or more to keep your metabolism high. And finally, just moderate their heat consumption from what your body needs. Regarding the activities of BEST, which is a difficult question to answer because everyone reacts differently to both different exercise and genetics play in this regard. To take relatively simple, a good program to follow is 3 days training strength training and cardio 3 days as hard as you can manage and what is considered safe by his personal physician. More captures the intensity, most of your body have to adapt. As to how long it will take, again, is very precise and based largely on the genetics. I do not think anyone is desperate to lose weight according to their genetics, but for some it will be much more difficult. Despite, However, do not expect to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. It's not healthy, and do not match. progressive weight loss will be noticed, but not immediately, and you should expect that sometimes you reach a plateau that will have to work through. If held with, and consider this as a change in the long term rather than short term "diet" you will see great results. Good luck!