First Marriage Divorce Rate

first marriage divorce rate
Should I let my wife to work outside the home when I get married? I believe it causes a high divorce rate?

I believe if you look at women in the workforce and the divorce rate over the past 60 years I think they show a correlation with one another. The more women who work outside the home, the higher the divorce rate. I believe this is caused by several things. For one, I don’t think women can handle the stress of being a good wife and a good employee at the same time. Secondly, I think when women get their own income they think they don’t need a man as much. More women will stay in a marriage if they have no financial means to support themselves. At any rate, I let my first wife work and it ended up in divorce. I DO NOT want this to happen again yet I might be okay with my wife working part time. What do you think?

Women does not need to stay at home. They can work outside of the home and provide income for their families. I don’t think that you should control your wife. Let her work outside of home. It isn’t fair to your wife if she has to stay at home and work at home. What does she want for herself? What’s wrong with women trying to earn money for their own families? You’re overreacting and assuming that your wife will cheat if she works outside of home. It’s not always true. Don’t assume things.