Facts On Life After Death

Life after death?

After seeing a lecture on Near Death Experiences, I am much more open to the fact that there is a conscienceness after we pass. The things people have documented while dead, for sometimes days, are astonishing. The accounts always differ regarding if they see a God or not. I am not so sure I would say they prove God, but they do prove a life after death. Beit our minds that we still cant even begin to understand the power of, leaving our bodies, or we have spirits and their is a God. Agree or Disagree? Why?
I am not talking about the white light crap, and stuff… I also believe that is just biological. How can you explain a young girl, who dies. Never left the hospital, but can recall everything that happened at her house, 20 miles away? Documented by doctors, at the hopsital, they soon turned more spiritual. You cant explain that… Seriously, dont even try… There is no way that could happen unless there was some sort of detachment from the physical being… Its impossible….

So the path toward the truth begins…