Facts Marriage Divorce

facts marriage divorce
I was married in Kiev, Ukraine, now I want a divorce. Is the marriage legal in the UK?

I was married in Kiev, Ukraine in 2003. Thw ma whom I married was born in Kiev. I am a resident of the UK. In 2005 we seperated. I now have a child to my partner of 4.5 years. I would like a divorce my solicitor has hit a brick wall she needs a copy of the Marriage Certificate, I have exhausted every possible way to obtaine a copy. I dont even know if my marriage is in fact legal in the UK.

your marriage is legal in uk – it doesn’t matter where u got married as long as u got married. and what is the problem in getting a copy? u write to their registry office, pay a required fee and some shipment fee and u get it. i do not see why did your solicitor hit a brick wall – obviously he<7she is not that professional. people get papers from african countries, and ukraine just one of european countries - u pay money u get whatever u want