Experiences Of Life After Death

Near death experience….after life?

E.R. Doctors…funeral home directors….etc….
Even thou they might not be ‘religious’ at all they always say that there is definitely SOMETHING there….why do you think this is?

Once I heard a story that an E.R. Doctor who was an Atheist had a patient die on the operating table and he claimed he actually seen his ‘spirit’ lift out of his body….the doctor was no longer an Atheist.

I’m a Christian, believe in God and but want to make it very clear that this isn’t a debate at all, everyone is entitled to their beliefs..MY QUESTION is what stories do you have of actual near death experiences or situations like the one I posted above?

I don’t have one, but if you’re interested in NDEs, you might want to check out Kenneth Ring’s Lessons From the Light. Packed with stories.