Exercise And Wellness

exercise and wellness
Wellness, Innova, or Royal Canin?

What is the best for my Shih Tzu puppy 9 weeks. This is an indoor dog, but walking (In the garden, for now, the vet said) and put the extra exercise when you play with him. Innova I have heard that focuses more on the protein part, is that true? What should I feed my princess? You can suggest other brands as well … PLEASE no Iams, Purina, which contain a lot of income and expenses. I still am not sure of Royal Canin. I heard that it is a sign of poor quality food, but do not know. PLEASE HELP! No matter the price, I want the best for my puppy. Thank you. of DAISYDUKES! thank you! but I a question for you, how about tear stains? do your dogs have? If so, how to get rid of him? In addition, food has nothing to do with the spots tear?

I feed my two shih tzu is just welfare for the puppy when the puppy, now give them small bites as Super 5 mix .. For me, well-being is the best food is! My chow dog on it, shit less often and is firmer, and scratch like they did in other food, and its fur is much brighter! As for innovation, which are a product very well too. I prefer well-being, but my next choice. Royal Canin, I never think! Just my opinion of an owner other Shih Tzu! Congratulations on your new acquisition! Great choice of how I am with you on price, I do not care as long as they are happy and healthy *** Yes, my shih tzu tricolor receives tear stains and gets around the spots of his mask, and as it is light in color and can see patches of brown / pink there you can use the eyes of Angel products are sprinkled on food, which helps to get rid of them, not the food, which is water, you can also use a water bottle hamsters used to reduce the waterfalls on their faces, some of my friends who use shih tzu. You can also try to clean around the eyes with a dry cloth to keep your eyes stay moist ***