Evidence Of Life After Death

I there really any evidence of “life after death” or are we just kidding ourselves?

I would like to know if anyone has had experience of the “other side”,and if so what happened?
I would love to think I will see my parents again but i’m just not sure.
I go to see mediums on a regular basis and they make it seem so believable-are they just fakers?

I am sorry for you loss. As a R. Catholic I believe firmly and without a doubt that there is salvation and redemption from this world as we know it.

As Jesus rose from his death so shall we be given a chance to rise again. However the way we have lived our lives predicts on where we shall go later on, after death.

A wise priest onece told me and I quote ” that it is better to live a life believing in salvation and then find out that it is true, than not believing and find out that it EXISTS!

As a catholic I no not believe in mediums etc. I think it is better to pray for the people who are dead as they are not able to pary for themselves esp. if thy are in purgatory. Prayers for them will save their souls.