Does Life After Death Exist

After Life – is it?

There are many things in this world, I can not explain. Why humans are so special that if we we do not see, does not exist. What if we do not have the capacity to understand what the other life? Long ago that people thought about the planes and Mobile TV Cellular and fiction as well. Perhaps decades or centuries from now, people on earth do we think the poeple the past have been absorbed by the ignorant. Watch Ghost Hunters on SciFi. It opened my mind a lot. "Ghost soldiers". Whatcha There is no explanation for what happened in this episode. They just want the ideas of others in this regard. I do not think Religion is a factor at all. What if lthere there is life after death. And if only … is.

I am a true believer like you, I see, when we the firstborn of the things we know, as we grow, we lose certain skills, for example, are conducted to watch the little babies things we adults can not see, because we have closed our eyes and minds of them, and how children seem to have conversations with people who are not there? Who is to say that nobody is there? When adults listen to our children to talk to them tell them selfves to stop, so more and more of her, who close their minds off, because that's what we teach children to become adults. There something bigger than us, there is around us every day, all the time, just that we're closed-minded as we think it is everything. We can not ignore or explain why Destory it's human nature, I agree with you in the future people will look back on our time and see how shallow, selfish and closed that were like minded people. Hopefully by then someone will have discovered how to make appropriate changes.