Do Your Own Divorce

do your own divorce
how to file your own divorce decree?

I am filing my own divorce through Dallas county (TX) I don’t have a lawyer or anything and all of this is new to me I’m not understanding alot of things. I prepared my decree but it was not approved when I received it it stated that the order was defective and cannot be corrected on the form subitted..does that mean I have to re-do everything? As far as property and everything me and him do not have anything we only have our 2 kids..another question I wanted to know he was served but he did not respond to it. I want to be sure that, that is considered an automatic default.

If that is the case is there anything special I would need..someone please help me out!

You need to call Legal Aid in your county to make sure you fill out the paperwork properly.
When you take it to Superior Court in your county, it has to be done perfectly (in their eyes) in order for it to be accepted. It will be mailed to him usually the day after the judge approves the paperwork.