Do Jews Believe In Life After Death

Do Jews believe in ‘Life after Death’?

I looked into Jewish mysticism, called Kabbalah. Interestingly, their writings refer to “the world to come” but by that they mean a specialized form of reincarnation, meaning down through family lines. Hence the (oft misinterpreted by victims of English translations as God’s abhorrence of masturbation) story of one who refused to impregnate his dead brother’s wife, [“spilled his seed…”] to raise children up unto him so he could have descendants into whom to reincarnate. [Polygamy was fine then.] That whole “sins of the fathers are projected into the 3d and 4th generations” thing had to do with the assumption that the 2nd generation would already be born before the father died.

You’ll notice that Revelations is a rehash of Daniel and other old testament parts, and its main theme about the future is that humans would continue to live on this planet, not in heaven. That 3d Temple was on Earth.

I wish Christians would study the origins and development of their own religion, much misunderstanding could be avoided.