How to respond to a child created his wife while they were divorcing?

My father visits the children every two weeks. I live in New York and Florida. We have created a baby while he was divorcing. Since then reconciled with his wife. Now my father wants to 2yr years to visit his home in Florida. I have mixed feelings. I try to stay as open minded I can. My baby does not yet speak. How do you think will react to a child to develop at the same time they were divorcing, now reconciled? Should I wait until he speaks?

Well, I was a little more or less in place. My little friend was getting divorced when we go out and designed our son (only problem with my situation is that he cheated and lied to me I even Once you've created another child with another woman? It's crazy to me. To answer your question, No I would not travel to the child FL alone. Come to New York to see a long weekend and can stay in a hotel.