Divorce Without War

divorce without war
I have authentic Korean War pics of USS Bon Homme Richard and Essex?

I bought boxes of all kinds of different stuff at an estate sell 5 years back. I found these photos in an envelope. Some are stamped “Restricted” on the back, but all are stamped “OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPH NOT TO BE USED FOR PUBLICATION BY ORDER OF THE CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS” Some are pics of fatal flight deck crashes/fires with complete detail on the back, date of event, description and even the pilots names.
I know these are important historical pics! Yet, I don’t want to get in trouble for having them, I just stumbled upon them, but potential divorce from extremely abusive husband forces me to inquire regarding value and how to sell. ANY AND ALL HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. I can’t move forward with my life without money to fight this man!

hmm cool, I say you try to sell them at first, but if that breaks the law in some way, I suggest you just donate them to a museum or something like that. :0