Divorce Within One Year Of Marriage

divorce within one year of marriage
Would a relationship 4 years or longer be ok before marriage?

my bf and i have been together for 6 months now. im 18 and hes 19. he and i both know we want to get married one day but ive always wanted to wait til my mid 20s to get married. i read somewhere on here that people who rush into marriage and people who wait longer than 2 years for it run a higher risk of divorce and thats the last thing i want in life. it also said that getting married sometime after 25 is the best idea. furthermore, it said that people who live together before getting married run that risk. and that makes sense to me cause after having sex before marriage, if you live together whats left for the actual marriage? plus the longer we wait to get married the harder it will be to not live together. but if we get married too young it may be too hard to be married as well. i know my bfs the one for me and i dont ever want to divorce. but if we get married within the next 2-3 years than id be only 20-21. whats your advice and/or personal experiences?

I plan on marrying my bf (if he asks when I about 19)
Then we will have been together for 4 years.

But we have and age diffference.
So idk.