Divorce Under Hindu Marriage Act

divorce under hindu marriage act
Pls. advice on Divorce with mutual consent. My query is mentioned below?

I got married in Mumbai in March 2002 and separated from my wife in Feb 2008 on signing Mutual Deed of Divorce. Since then, We do not have any communication whatsoever. Now I come to know that this Deed of Divorce does not stand a legal document for divorce and need to file petition for mutual consent for divorce and will have to wait for 6 months. Request you to pls suggest me is there any special clause under Hindu Marriage Act where we can obtain legal divorce in 2 / 3 months time as we have already spent 2years of separation?

Pls. Advice and Guide Urgently.

this is a tough question, i think u need to ask a lawyer, for a more professional advice. but i doubt it can happen that soon, u already waited 2 years, whats another 6 months? good luck!!!