Divorce Short Marriage

divorce short marriage
What does modern life style, educated and earning wife has impact on stability of marriage?

British survey, as appeared in one news item says: In previous centuries, marriages were cut short by death rather than divorce.

The average length of marriage of a modern British couple who divorce is roughly the same as the 11-15 years spent together by late medieval English peasants, who stayed married until one of them died.

Has the economic freedom and liberated psyche of indian females impacted the age old indian institution of Marriage? How smoothly the marital relations work in Indian society irrespective of above factors? Your views, comments, ideas. Longer Answers will make interesting reading.

That’s interesting. I guess human beings weren’t meant to be monogamous. That’s kind of disappointing. The notion of soul mates is kind of a nice one.

History readers know that relations between men have always been relations between men and women. In India today, submissive housewives still refuse to cook for their husbands if they get in a fight and stuff like that, and it’s been similar in just about every culture you can name. It’s not like women were 100% submissive and obedient in any time period.

But that being said, I do think that modern women’s liberation has taken its tolls on the modern marriage. Girls are basically raised being told that they’d better look out for themselves and make sure they have their own jobs, or their husband might leave them with nothing. And they’re told they better stand up for themselves if they’re ever abused.

Although young girls are told these things with good intentions, it’s my opinion that it’s impossible to have a successful relationship with anyone who’s constantly on guard and quick to snap at the slightest chance that you might be taking advantage of her. You just can’t have intimacy that way. It’s a situation of “The operation was a success, but the patient died.” Although the feminist movement has improved the condition of women, it’s worsened the condition of society–including the women in it. At least, that’s my opinion.

But that being said, your study is interesting, and even in the ’50s before women’s lib, there were a lot of jokes about how miserable people were in marriage. So maybe we just weren’t meant to be monogamous. I don’t think that the divorce rate would be 50% in the absence of feminism, but it would likely still be somewhat high.

EDIT: See B*tchKit’s answer for an example of the kind of always on guard, quick to snap female I was talking about earlier.

Also see Anita’s. It’s clear this chick’s never been in a relationship if she thinks that. This is exactly the kind of lunatic feminist fundamentalist thinking that has destroyed marriage.