Divorce Settlements

divorce settlements
Why are divorce settlements seen as a source of women’s entertainment?


Is the “Don’t get mad, get everything” philosophy really what the American woman’s impression of divorce is? If it weren’t why would it be offered up as a source of entertainment?
Peaceful Lady if it were about abuse it would be discussed in the article….but its not. It solely about how much money they got out of it. That is all. That’s the end game…the $.

It’s ridiculous. Unless the fortune was built TOGETHER, then the damn spouse who didn’t earn the money doesn’t deserve a fcuking dime.

By the way, there’s a man on that list, too. Greedy money-grubbing freaks come in both genders.

edit: Having said that, it’s hard for me to feel sorry for athletes/celebrities who get married, then get shafted a few years later. They can afford to just shack up without the legal contract. Did the elderly Paul McCartney really think that the much younger wife loved him for his rugged good looks and charm?