Divorce Save Marriage

divorce save marriage
How to save my mums and dads marriage from divorce?

My dad and mum have been married for 26 years (happily) i might add.But prior to their 26 anniversairy my mum met up with her old boy friend from when she was younger.

Over the past year my mum has been enfatuated with him.I am one of 5 teenage children and we are well off so its not about the money.My mum has never had to work but is making it seem as though divorce is what were heading towards.My father is always calm when they talk adult-adult but she doesnt seem complient to wanting to solve anything and just sits their when father is trying to save their marriage.

I am just wondering how or if their is anything that we can do as father wants her to stay likewise with us teenagers but is just pushing herself away from us and makes it harder for us to love her.

Any thought would be greatly appreciated??

This is a hard issue. First of all, it’s really important that you and your siblings realise that this is not about you, or whether your mum loves you. It’s only about her, and your father, and the state of relationship that they have.

When people age, and as they are together, they change. In the best relationships, people change to be closer together. But sometimes, they grow apart and the things that they once had in common and that they once loved in one another no longer exist. And after that, it can be hard to go back – particularly if one person doesn’t want to.

From the sounds of it, your mum is seeing her old boyfriend as an answer – as something brighter. My mum did something similar, and left my dad for another man. Now, both mum and dad are in different relationships, and both are much happier. While what you are going through at home probably seems horrible right now, it might turn out ok – even if it wasn’t what you imagined it would be.