Divorce Rates By Age At Marriage

divorce rates by age at marriage
Are Heterosexuals Worthy of Marriage?

Here are some of the things that straight-sex marriage has wrought through the ages: polygamy, child-brides, loveless arrangements, trafficked women, bartered wives, battered wives, raped wives, sexual slavery, child abuse and abandonment, racist miscegenation laws, and astronomical divorce rates. If gays are unqualified for marriage, what can we say about straights? If George Bush and his homophobic worshippers really want to defend the institution of marriage, they can begin by taking an honest look at the ugly situations within so many heterosexual unions in this country and throughout the world.

Your arguement tends to point out more the oppression of women through the ages through men’s actions wrought through different cultural concepts of what marriage is, which doesn’t really work as far as your question is concerned. Rape, child abuse, abandonment are sad facts of any form of relationship, not just exclusive to marriage.

You are, I assume, referring to the Western world’s view of marriage? I for one see nothing wrong with the union of two loving souls in the form of a marriage no matter what their gender. Heterosexuals and Homosexuals are most definitely worthy of marriage.

Nice to see a somewhat cool question from you for a change, although I don’t necessarily agree with your choice of supportive arguement 😎