Divorce Proof Your Marriage

divorce proof your marriage
Will you divorce your wife if you finds her cheating on U for years?

I have been married for more than 10 yrs with 2 kids. I recently discovered my wife; that I know for 22 yrs; having affair with a married man. I confronted her and initially she denial everything tilll I shown her intimate chat of their sex review with that man as the proof.

I am trying to give our marriage a second chance and she too agreed with it, but it doesn’t work after 3 months now.

I uncovered more dark secrets she still hide from me, and I given her 2 choices. One is to stay with the family and move on, and not seeing that man. The other is to give that man’s info, or leave the family.

She didn’t response to me at all, treating as if nothing has happened. I am thinking if this is what she has shown to me, it’s very clear that the family is the least priority to her.

Just to share a bit more, that man have sex with my wife in my matrimonal bed all this years. My wife did sound to me that she don’t mind at all.

Your wife’s behaviour tells me, she’s already left your life. She is waiting for this man to ask her to leave or for him to set himself up to leave his wife. Either, way she’s already emotionally detached herself, there is no reconciling the situation.
It would be best if you put her out now, before she chooses to leave. Otherwise, your just “wait staff”.
It’s not just you she’s doing this too, the airs got to be pretty thick and i guarantee the kids know somethings wrong no matter how good you “think” you hide it.
You wouldn’t be the first guy to return from work to find your kids gone and the house empty.
“Beating a dead horse” won’t make it move !! So, get it out of the barn and bury it, before it starts to smell, spread disease and poison everyone !!!
Move on, the kid’s deserve better.