Divorce Paralegal

divorce paralegal
Can he charge me to stop my divorce?

I hired some stupid paralegal who nickels and dimes me for everything and doesn’t want to do any work. I used him to file my divorce and he did that, but nothing else. He charged me $400.00 to do that and lied all along. I am wanting to retract my divorce papers now and he wants $75.00 for that! Can he charge that? Or can I download papers and do this myself? This is Tx, by the way.

Section 81.101 of the Texas Government Code prohibits non-attorneys from practicing law. They may sell forms, but may not give advice.

This “paralegal” is violating the law. Run away from him as soon as possible and do not pay him one more nickle.

Go to www.texasbar.com for their lawyer referral service. Get a lawyer. NOW.