Divorce Overseas Marriage

divorce overseas marriage
How to divorce a US citizen from overseas?

My cousin is married to a US citizen during a trip to US. She came back to her country after 6 months. The marriage has took place more than 2 years. She wants a divorce but her husband does not.
She just want to know how she can legally divorce her husband. She can divorce from her country, but does US recognize it ?
Even she can got a divorce from her country, she wants to get her divorce recognized by US court

If your cousin’s country has divorce without him having to give his consent then she can divorce him even if he does not want it. The US recognizes the divorce. It always gets me when people try to argue they do not want to allow a divorce. Why would anyone want to force another to stay with them if they do not want to? I certainly would not want to be with someone who did not want me. Good luck to your cousin!