Divorce Mediators

divorce mediators
Has anyone ever heard of a divorce lawyer acting as a mediator?

That is, acting as mediator between the two opposing partners to:

1)Save money
2)Make for a more amiable divorce
3)Keep the nastiness out of court

My husband and I are currently separated. We’ve been married for 17 yrs and have three kids. This lawyer, who had agreed to do this, is a mutual classmate from college days. So we both know her, but I for one haven’t seen her since those days. We were not friends in college but we were civil. Her roommate on the other hand used, to date my husband before I did. I don’t know if this lawyer is in touch with her friend.

She approached my husband about this mediator thing. She would act as lawyer for both of us. Should I trust her? Do you this is a good solution and has anyone ever done this before?

My husband has a lot of ghosts in the closet that he may not want to expose in court. He knows I have no income so maybe playing that against me as well. He has an arrest record for hitting me and he has a serious addiction to porn.

No, you should not trust her!

A mediator can be a good thing. A mediator is, in most cases, a lawyer but is not actually representing either party. A mediator in an unbiased party and is there to help you and your husband work out terms for property division; debt division; alimoney; child support; child custody, etc. It can save money to work through a mediator.

An attorney cannot adequately represent both parties. There is no way a divorce like you will have will be resolved with an agreement equally fair. It’s going to be unfair (maybe just slightly) to one party. You don’t want to get the short end of the stick.

It sounds like your husband and his friend want to bully you into settling the divorce as cheaply as possible—-for your husband. If you agree to this, you are making a HUGE mistake.