Divorce Mediation Process

divorce mediation process
Divorce / Mediation agreements… future plans question..?

As part of the mediation process, there is a requirement to state whether you plan to live with someone in the next 6 months..

I’m thinking that you could quite legitimately say no, you have no plans to live with someone in the next 6 months, and then meet someone or have your plans change and end up in a co-habbiting situation…

Can anyone tell me if there would be any repercussions (ie financial – or any other that you’re aware of) as far as the divorce agreement goes? Or is it suffucient that at the time of signing the ‘I won’t live with anyone for 6 months’ part that you meant it?


Hi!! If you have to think along those lines you have no trust in the person, or the situation, and it my opinion that you would be far better off cohabiting.
That is no foundation for marriage at all.
There must be absolute trust and confidence in your ability to get through any rough passages.