Divorce Matrimonial

divorce matrimonial
divorce matrimonial?

I staying with my three children, after divorce will I be able to get back the HDB flat that we are staying now, I pay $40,000 from my cpf and my hubby pay 210,000,from his cpf. my flat has areadly fully paid and now worth about $350,000 how many precent can i fight for?my hubby say my cpf and his cpf have to return, balance about $80,000 and i can have half of it is $40,00 cash, altoghter I got only $80,000 not enough to buy a 3 room flat.
any women have experience. this matrimonial, If I lost this flat my children and I got no place to stay.

If you are a Singaporean and above 35, I think you may have a chance to keep the flat but you may have to pay your hubby certain amount before you can keep the flat. Actually you can check up at HDB hub with their officers, they would know the procedure better