Divorce Marriage

divorce marriage
What is the best source for public information on birth, marriage, and divorce records for Tennessee?

I am looking for birth, marriage, and divorce records for East Tennessee. I am having no luck on Ancestry or Genealogy. What is the best site to get the most information for the least amount of money? In particular, I am looking for 1950 to 2010.

See if your library gives free access to Heritage Quest. They will either give you a password or you use your library card barcode number to get in. You can access it from home via the library’s portal. I find it much easier to use and more accurate than Ancestry, it is free, and it brings up scans a lot faster. If your library doesn’t have access, ask them if they have a reciprocal agreement with another library to get access. I don’t know if any of the sites have data as new as you are asking, however. Although it is public record, the geneaology sites try to avoid online access to people who are still alive.