Divorce Indian Marriages

divorce indian marriages
Do you know that Hinduism doesn’t have a concept of “Divorce” ? Marriages are permanent Unions !?

Man/Woman are destined to be Husband & wife in every birth. Do you agree ?
Here in india , a most couples last ( live togather ) almost an entire lifetime …it is true of most of india …even amongst rich & famous ( Take Amitabh bachan or other famous Bollywood actors in mumbai ). May be indian society is like that …but I do not know if this is true ?

What you people have to say on this ? Is it likely that a Boy & girl ( or man & wife ) are destined to be husband & wife ….or is it a mere coincidence ?

Hinduism has no concept of divorce …in ancient india ..Or even in medieval india ..once marriage takes place the union is considered as permanent …you cannot divorce your wife under any circumstances …unlike in the west.

It is true that most indian marriages last a life time …( even unhappy ones ).

A good question indeed. Divorce is a western concept. In Indian ethoes there is no place for divorce. According to Indian values, marriage is a union forever – not for this lifetime but for seven births.