Divorce In The Usa

divorce in the usa
Would there would be much less divorce if USA and UK had decent Governments and provided more with less tax ?

In Switzerland divorce is very rare, because we live in giant houses with two appartments, so if there is ever a break up or misunderstanding one can just move to the other appartment. While happily married, the spare appartment is rented out to tourists. Some other things I believe help us all to be happy and stay together:
Public transport to every village.
Affordable childcare
Decent jobs paying you a minimum of 10 pounds an hour
Great health care and dental services
Housing for under 50k for a DETACHED house
Great happy smiling people (who can speak English).
And taxation is 19% on income no capital gains.
Why not demand in your country that you have these things and that the government do a MUCH better job ?

Naive ideas. Outside facilities have little bearing on divorce/successful marriage. Princess Di and the McCartneys still divorced. I don’t recall either giving insufficient public transport or cramped living conditions as the reason. People don’t seem to tolerate any bad times any more – it’s all over at the first problem. Two working parents do seem to have a hard time (so do the children). We expect a lot more now – God knows why. Our governments do fail us but what are Switzerland’s community services like? Libraries, schools, help for the needy… Or is it ‘Me, me, me’?